SVSRDA - Travel Program

What is it?
From the time the Association was formed in 1982, its goals are to promote Square & Round Dancing, have fun, and encourage dancers to travel to the other clubs within SVSRDA.

To encourage that activity, we award a Car and/or Travel Dangle to any dancer that meets the following:
  1. Dances in eight (8) different SVSRDA Club events (your home club counts)
  2. Those 8 events can include regular club nights, club special dances and, any special Association Dances
    (Christmas & Mother's Day)
  3. A visit to a club's regular dance night and that same clubs special dance qualifies as two separate dances.
  4. A club's theme dance held on their regular dance night does not qualify.
  5. Sheets must be signed by the Club/Dance Caller or the club officer and dated.
  6. Checklist sheets must be turned in by April 1st in order for dancers to receive their Travel Awards during the Mother's Day Dance.

Special Notes
If your club is invited to dance with another association club on their regular dance night, that does not qualify as a club visit for the purposes of the Travel Badge. It is your responsibility to initiate the visit.

If you visit a club on their normal club night whether it is a special dance or not, that counts as 1 of the 8 required dances. If that club hosts a special dance on a night other than their regular dance night, that qualifies as another visit. You are only allowed to claim one club visit and one club special dance per dangle.

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