SVSRDA - Banner Nabbing Guidelines

  1. Each club will be allowed two banners.
  2. A square (4 couples) are needed to nab or retrieve a banner. Callers & class members (new dancers) are permitted to participate, keeping dance level in mind.
  3. If a banner is not available, the visited club will not be required to retrieve their banner to present to the visiting club.
  4. A banner may be left away from a home club for a dance year. (September to September)
  5. If a higher level club (eg: Mainstream) nabs a banner from a lower level club (eg: Basic) then the higher level club should be prepared to drop the level of the dance or invite the lower level club to a dance where they can retrieve their banner.
  6. If more than one club goes banner nabbing at the same club on the same night, the club travelling the farthest shall get the banner if only one banner is available.
  7. Banners may be retrieved at any dance, including special dances.
  8. When banner nabbing, call ahead to see if a banner is available.
  9. Banners may not be nabbed at any of the club's last five regular dances.

    Banner Nabbing is left up to the discretion of each club, but remember,
    it's a great way to get visitors to come to your dances

    This is all about having fun !!

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